Windmill 1795

Old Higgins Farm Windmill is a historic Smock windmill off of Old King’s Highway at Drummer Boy Park in Brewster on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

The windmill was built in 1795, it last ground grain around 1900.[2] The windmill was moved a number of times the last from Ellis Landing in Brewster to its current location in 1974. In 1975 it was added to the National Historic Register of Historic Places.[3]

The windmill was donated its then owner, Mrs. Samuel Nickerson, in memory of her husband, to the Brewster Historical Society which continues to maintain it at its current location.[3]


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Historical Society

The Brewster Historical Society, established in 1964, collects and preserves the artifacts and history of Brewster to ensure their future accessibility.
The restored circa 1799 Cobb House Museum holds five permanent galleries and an extensive documents research area accessible by appointment. The Society also maintains a restored 18th century windmill and house and a blacksmith shop at Windmill Village at 51 Drummer Boy Road.

Current & Summer Events

Learn about the Sauquatucket and the Namskaket tribes that made the ancient Brewster shoreline their home. Chris will take you on a walk through the past as he relates the timeline of local native people, how they lived, and the tools and resources they used to successfully survive the Cape environment for thousands of years.

Experience a hands-on program with Bob Hoxie inspired by the BHS museum’s heirloom garden with plants based on Caro Dugan’s colorful 1873 – 1878 diary entries. Inspired by the history of the Cobb House site Bob Hoxie will reveal his recreation of Caro’s garden and offer professional tips for your own gardens and plantings.

A Narrated walking tour of the famous, the infamous, the unknown and ignored – till now.

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